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Claim Your Gay Man

The place to claim your favourite gay man to be your gay boyfriend.

Claim a Gay Boyfriend
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This is the place to claim gay men to be your (so to speak) Gay boyfriend!!

Maintainer: rosey2812

Because all the good ones are either gay or taken.
If your person is a gay man, your in the right community.
If yours is taken, join claim_the_taken
If you want to claim a gay girlfriend join our sister community claim_a_gay_gf

You may claim any gay men, fictional characters, drag queens, LJ users (with their approval of course).


1. Only 1 gay boyfriend per person.

2. You may share your gay boyfriend but ONLY if you specify if you would like to share him when you claim him. Please say when you are claiming if you want to share or not.

3. Not fighting! If you are involved in starting a fight or making bad comments you will be banned from the community and your gay boyfriend will be avaliable.

4. If you are leaving the community, please say that you are leaving so that users will know if your gay boyfriend is avaliable.

5. No multi-users. If it is found that you have multi-LJ's, then all of your users will be banned and your gay boyfriend/s will be up for grabs.

6. Please don't claim in the comments. This is very frustrating, annoying and hard to keep track of.

7. You MUST be a member to claim a gay boyfriend.

8. You can claim men who aren't out of the closet, but only if a minimum of 1 person agrees with you. Like, if you say you want to claim someone who is not yet out of the closet and you have a comment from someone saying that they agree with your choice of gay boyfriend then you can definately have that person.

9. Please say the person's full name. If you haven't already, that's fine, but I will just leave a friendly comment asking what that persons name is.

10. I need to know whether you are claiming the person or their character. For example, if you say you want Sean Hayes character Jack, then all you have to say is 'I claim Jack'-- you don't have to mention the actor who plays them.


Aaron Davis - digitalonyx (NO SHARING)
Anthony Rapp - every1isqaf (NO SHARING)
Adamo Ruggeiro - coryan (MAYBE SHARING)
Andreas Stern (a.k.a. Alex Petrov) - vyrantium (NO SHARING)
Antonio Sabato Jr - incu_jess (NO SHARING)
Austin Scarlett - japaneseboxers_ (NO SHARING)

Barrett Foa - kellielewis923 - (MAYBE SHARING)
Brian Kinney (from Queer as Folk) - shape5 (NO SHARING)
Buddy Cole - quidcaptains (NO SHARING)
Billy Boyd - digindeeper (NO SHARING)
Brent Popolizio (from 'U Pick Live') - sullivanstud (MAYBE SHARING)
Brian Dunkleman - cresty_on_ry (MAYBE SHARING)
Brian Molko - diiii, kohler
Brian Slade - fairies_exist (WILL SHARE)
Billy Collier - kitananagasaki (NO SHARING)
Ben Jelen - nukka (MAYBE SHARING)
Boy George - st_theodora (NO SHARING)

Carson Kressley - kituralb (SHARE WITH glass_houses ONLY)
Clay Aiken - SHARING WITH muchmoresubtle, jenjuliet ONLY
Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Carribean) - celticphyre (NO SHARING)
Curt Wild (from "The Velvet Goldmine") - ash_storm (MAYBE SHARING)
Chester Bennington - liltwister009 (SHARE WITH skit_chan
Chris Keller (from "Oz") - dragon_lord (MAYBE SHARE)
Chris Beckman (from "The Real World - Chicago") - xstarfukkerx (MAYBE SHARE)
Chris Lowe - seriouslypink (MAYBE SHARING)
Christian Campbell - luvrentboy (SHARING WITH jaixom
Ciaran McKearney - pookizegreat (NO SHARING)
Colin Farrell - shonen_jai (MAYBE SHARING)

Dan Balan - 150_delano_150 (NO SHARING)
Danny Roberts (from The Real World: New Orleans) - innocenteyed (NO SHARING)
David Jai Rodriguez - nessasrubyreds (MAYBE SHARING)
David Bowie - lightningrose (MAYBE SHARING)
David Brock - astroghoti (NO SHARING)
David Fisher (Six Feet Under) - sway4829 (MAYBE SHARING)
dersterber - imafairbeater (MAYBE SHARING)
Del Marquis - damnit_janet (MAYBE SHARING)
Dominic Monaghan - gracheness (NO SHARING)

Eddie Kyan Douglas - kissesforkaos (SHARE WITH thomnkyansgirl ONLY)
Emmett Honeycut (from "Queer As Folk") - saltylarrykiss (NO SHARING)

Felicia (from Priscilla: Queen of the Desert) - jujufloofs (NO SHARING)
FrankNfurter (from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show") - sidewayslove, becky00

Gale Harold - vanillaskin (SHARING WITH fangedduck ONLY)
Graham Norton - bitchy_reaper (MAYBE SHARING)
George Michael - kcchatte (WILL SHARE)

Hedwig (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch) - xxnodaybuttoday (MAYBE SHARING)

indiefilmsnob - __insolence__ (MAYBE SHARING)
Sir. Ian McKellan - wampum_prayer, montypop

Jack Fairy (from Velvet Goldmine) - cynic2022, primaleph
Jai Rodriguez - lexie_b (NO SHARING)
Jake Shears - domslover (NO SHARING)
John Dahlstrom - psdeudolove (share with jenjuliet, maybethistime, sapphicprincess only)
'Just Jack' (from Will & Grace) - sassysairs (NO SHARING)
Jack McFarlane (from Will & Grace) - aquatang (MAYBE SHARING)
Jonathon (a real life boyfriend) - aiken4clayx (NO SHARING)
John Partridge - mistressmerr (NO SHARING)
Justin Taylor (from Queer as Folk) - dollnotjunkie (MAYBE SHARE)
Jonny McGovern - fullnhollow (MAYBE SHARING)
Jason Gardiner - qesgukgal (NO SHARING)
John Tartaglia - oom_cow, babystar96

Kyan Douglas - rosey2812 (NO SHARING)

Legolas (from Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) - misslunakitty (NO SHARING)
Lauri Ylonen - neon_nightmare (MAYBE SHARING)

magictoast - moohcow (NO SHARING)
Mario Lopez - anders88 (MAYBE SHARING)
Michael Stipe - touchthesky (NO SHARING)
Michael Novotny (from Queer as Folk) - hotlen (MAYBE SHARING)
Mike Shinoda - skit_chan (SHARE WITH liltwister009
Mikhael Rasputin - miss_shankly (MAYBE SHARING)
primaleph - evilkitchenware (NO SHARING)
Morrissey - moz_strikes (MAYBE SHARING)

Neil Tennant - indeedydoodah, foxxinsoxx, soflamboyant


Peter Paige - poolofjello (NO SHARING)
Peter Allen - killergecko (MAYBE SHARING)
Paul O'Grady - roosevelt (MAYBE SHARING)


Randy Harrison - from_now_on (MAYBE SHARE)
Richie Rich - logger_blogger, babe4life
Rufus Wainwright - azrielen (NO SHARING)
Ross the Intern (From The Tonight Show With Jay Leno) - moo58 (NO SHARING)
Roger Widynowski - hearthisvoice (NO SHARING)
Ryan Adams - stumpfairy (MAYBE SHARING)
Ryan Seacrest - maybethistime (SHARE WITH pseudolove ONLY)
RuPaul - euphoria_kitten (MAYBE SHARE)
Rupert Everett - vintage_starlet (MAYBE SHARING)
Roger Bannister (The Stepford Wives) - jaisbitch4life (MAYBE SHARING)

Scott Thompson - oldfrenchwhore (NO SHARING)
Seth Meyers - giftofgab (MAYBE SHARE)
Simon (from The Real World: Paris) - nirvanachick12 (MAYBE SHARING)
Steven Morrissey - swell (NO SHARING)
Sam Spector - x_sheldon_x (NO SHARING)
Stuart Allen Jones - quigonspadawan (MAYBE SHARING)'
Sean Hayes - oxprettynpinkox (MAYBE SHARING)

Thom Filicia - bumble_bug (NO SHARING)
Ted Allen - queer_theory (NO SHARING)
Todd Grimshaw (from Coronation Street) - jaixom (MAYBE SHARING)
Tobias Beecher (from Oz) - fictionbya (MAYBE SHARE)
Todd Oldham - nurse_chainsaw (MAYBE SHARE)
Tristan Eves - gothic_molly (NO SHARING)



Will Truman (from Will & Grace) - cocoamix (NO SHARING)
Willie Garson - rox_anna (NO SHARING)
Wes Culwell - queerxcore (MAYBE SHARING)
Will Wikle (Big Brother 5- miss_skarlet (NO SHARING)
Will Young - adamsangel (NO SHARING)
William Hernandez (The Real World Phillidelphia)- asiantnt (NO SHARING)